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Deadline Date: Apr 14th, 2016
Posted Date: Sep 26th, 2011


The SSPI Scholarship Program assists deserving high school and university graduates with meeting the high costs of undergraduate and post-graduate study in satellite-related disciplines. Through the generosity of Scholarship Sponsors, SSPI provides scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $3,500 to high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students from locations around the world.

Applicants must be current high school seniors, college or university undergraduate students or graduate students who are studying or intend to study satellite-related technologies, policies or applications. Successful scholarship applications have been received from students pursuing studies in these areas related to telecommunications, remote sensing, imaging, space law, business, distance learning, meteorology, energy, navigation, business, government, and broadcasting. 

2016 SSPI Scholarships

The 2016 Scholarship Program deadline is set for April 14, 2016.  For information about applying for the 2016 Scholarship Program, please visit Learn More.

Local Chapter Scholarship Programs - SSPI's local chapters often have scholarship programs in conjunction with or in addition to the SSPI International Scholarship Program.  Be sure to connect with the chapters in your region.  SSPI Chapters are listed here: http://www.sspi.org/?page=Chapters.


  • Commitment to pursue education and career opportunities in the satellite industry or a field making direct use of satellite technology
  • Academic and leadership achievement
  • Potential for significant contribution to the satellite communications industry
  • A scientific, engineering, research, business or creative submission meeting high standards
  • Must be matriculated or accepted in an accredited college or university program at the time of the scholarship issuance.

How To Apply

In order to participate the scholarship program, students must be members of SSPI. Membership in SSPI is free for full-time students. To learn more about SSPI membership click here.

Learn how to apply for an SSPI Scholarship:

Please complete this form for information regarding the 2016 Scholarship Program. General scholarship requirements are:

  • Must be an SSPI Member to apply (Membership is free for full-time students).
  • Must be pursuing studies related to satellites or the satellite communications industry.
  • Most scholarships give consideration for financial need.

More Information: See Here