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Jenner & Block Minority Scholarship Program


Deadline Date: Oct 1st, 2011
Posted Date: Oct 6th, 2011

Who Should Apply
Jenner & Block provides scholarship support to promote diversity in the legal profession. The Firm has established a Minority Scholarship Program for first-year law students at universities around the country, including Chicago-Kent College of Law, DePaul University College of Law, Howard University School of Law, Indiana University Law School, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, College of Law of the University of Illinois, University of North Carolina School of Law, University of Missouri School of Law, and University of Virginia School of Law.  We also continue to support the Hispanic Lawyer Scholarship Fund, American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation, American Bar Foundation Diversity Fellowship, and the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund, a financial award to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to attend law school and to provide financial assistance to students in need.  Other scholarship funding includes assisting disadvantaged youth in the community through scholarship programs such as Scholarship Chicago’s “High 5 Campaign.”  Scholarship Chicago is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged youth in Chicago attend college or other post-secondary education.  Currently, we support five college-bound students, including providing internships, networking assistance and attorney mentors.

Jenner & Block offers five Diversity Scholarships to first-year law school students. Scholarship recipients in 2014 included students from the University of Michigan Law School, Northwestern University School of Law, Stanford Law School, University of Illinois College of Law, and University of Chicago Law School. We also support the American Bar Association Judicial Intern Opportunity Program.

Contact Information
Jenner & Block 
Donald B. Verrilli, Jr.  Partner and Diversity Team Leader
601 Thirteenth Street, N.W., Suite 1200 South 
Washington, D.C.

Phone: 202-639-6000
Email:  dverilli@jenner.com  
Webiste: http://jenner.com/about/racialethnic/scholarships